1.  Pay close attention to the mounting height recommendations of the model you are using. The
distance between the LEDs and the top (or side) of the plant canopy is very important. Putting LED
lights too close to the plants can cause photoinhibition and mutation.

2.  Provide plant stress.  LED lighting is a gentle light source. For robust growth- you should provide
some kind of stress such as a breeze or radiant heat.

3.  Remember, the light from your LEDs is a focused beam of light. If plants are not within the beam
spread of your
LED grow lights, they will not grow.

4.  Best results are obtained using more than one LED plant light array mounted so that the beam
spreads from multiple units overlap.

5.  Monitor temperatures.  There is virtually no heat being emitted from your LED lighting.

6.  Most LGM models have been designed to be mounted between 18" and 45" above the plant
canopy.  Raising the light bars increases your coverage area but decreases the light intensity.

7.  Use LED Grow Master as a resource.  We've been growing under LEDs for a decade and provide
support to researchers, scientists, commercial growers, and hobby gardeners.  We're here for you.

8.  You will need to dust your LEDs occasionally (avoid acidic cleaners).

9.  Look out for over watering!  

10.  Use a porous medium.
Ten Easy Tips To Get the Most Out of Your LED Grow Lights
The expected lifetime of LGM lighting is significantly
longer than typical glass grow bulb life expectations
LED Grow Master LED plant lighting is easy to use and maintain.  The following quick
tips will help ensure happiness with your LED plant lighting for many years to come.
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