RainForest® 318
Rainforest318 rooting transplants
   The RainForest series is ideal for propagating cuttings or quick-starting seeds as well as rooting transplants or seedlings.  
The RainForest 318 can accommodate up to eighteen small plants from cuttings to harvest, or up to ninety cuttings for
rooting and transplantation using the included 3" CocoTek coconut caps.  Vortex sprayer lifts and oxygenates nutrient
solution then gently sprays it over cutting bases or root systems. Many growers choose to start their plants in RainForest
modules and later transplant them into larger systems.  Several RainForest modules can be connected to a Texas Controller
for creating larger installations. Weight: 24 pounds.  System size is 24" hexagonal.
One 7-Gallon Reservoir with Lid
Six 3 in. Lid inserts
Vortex® Sprayer
3 in. Plastic Cups
CocoTek® Liners
CocoTek® Caps
3-Part Flora Kit
MSRP: $289 USD  Buy Now
Rainforest aeroponics sytem
RainForest 36 Aeroponic Unit
RainForest® 36
Six 3 in. Site Aeroponics System
The RainForest 36 is our least expensive RainForest system.  Ideal for small projects in a
limited space. A submerged pump circulates and aerates the nutrient solution.  This System's
size is 12 in. circular
4 Gallon Reservoir with Lid
Rio® 600 pump assembly
3 in. Plastic Cups
CocoTek® Liners and Caps
3-Part Flora Kit
MSRP: $113.00 USD Buy Now
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