LED Lighting Reduces Energy Consumption
LED light bulbs require 10 times less energy than incandescent.

The LED Eliminates Maintenance Costs
LED light bulbs require 10 to 100 times less maintenance than incandescent.

Lighting Greatly Reduces Thermal Loads
LED light bulbs run 10 to 20 times cooler than other lights further decreasing energy consumption through reduced cooling needs.

LED's Last for 50,000 to 100,000 hours
LED light bulbs last 10 to 100 times longer than other lights.

The LED is Highly Resistant to Shock and Vibration
LED's have no glass or filaments to break.

Lighting That is Extremely Safe
LED's run on low voltage, no EMI, low temperature,
no mercury.

LED Light Bulbs Eliminate Recycling Costs
LED's are not considered Hazardous Waste unlike fluorescent bulbs.

The LED Allows Full Scale Control of Light Levels
LED's are continuously adjustable from off to full on.

LED Lighting Offers The Smallest Form Factors
Thinnest linear luminary available.
Check with GE for Albeo Products.
Why Use an LED Light? Here are 10 good reasons:
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