Greenhouse at night
Hydroponic Lettuce at Alfred State College
9-25-08 2nd Pic
Alfred State College
September 23, 2008- New York Farm Day is a popular event hosted by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to
showcase New York as a major agricultural state and home to some of the world's best food, wine, and chefs.  Dr.
Mary Condon, Alfred State College executive assistant to the president, and Dr. Ronald R. Rosati, ASC provost
and vice president for academic affairs displayed a table-top hydroponic production unit with lettuce growing
under our very own LGM5 LED light bar.   
   The unit represented a smaller version of the greenhouse in place at Alfred State's, Suny College of
Technology. Together with Dr. Harbur we have created a working greenhouse, successfully making use of the
most efficient technology available.   NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) channels and LGM5 LED grow lights work 24
hours a day to supply lettuce for the college food court, and to the neighboring culinary college.  
Alfred State's greenhouse has provided farmers in New York and elsewhere a viable model for year round
production.  With 35,000 farms in New York contributing over $3.4 billion annually to the states economy-
increases in productivity and efficiency in agriculture offer a positive impact on the economy as a whole.  --AL
New York Greenhouse
September 9th, 2008-  Pump went out.  Hydro without water anyone?  If we figure we refill the reservoirs once a week, it would be 200 gallons per week.
September 24th, 2008-  In the greenhouse hydroponic system the RO unit should give extra life out of nutrient
solution.  Chlorine alone ruins some nutrients.  
Conductivity Converter here.
September 26th,
EC of tap water
was 0.72
EC after RO unit
installed = 0.02
Hydroponic Greenhouse 9-27-08
hydroponic lettuce
Indoor growing at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture
9-25-08 1st Pic
LED plant light
LED grow lights 9-26-08
New York Farm Day With Clinton
LED Plant Light at Alfred State Suny College of Technology
Something to think about....
Conventional glass envelope grow lights emit light in all directions.  In order to use as much of this light for plant growth as possible, these lights are
generally fitted with bulky, unattractive reflectors to direct light back toward the plants.  With LEDs, the reflectors are built right into the LEDs
themselves so no secondary reflector is needed.  Almost all of the light generated by the LEDs in the LED Grow Master grow light is directed straight
at your plants.
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