lettuce in the greenhoue
lettuce in November
lettuce harvest
LED Grow Lights
conversion kit hps to LED
led grow light
hydroponic garden
Supplemental Lighting
GH hydroponic nutrients
Nutrient Film Technique
NFT system
NFT and LEDs
Hydroponic Lettuce
Lettuce grown under LEDs
LED Hydroponics
11-19-08 2nd Pic: Lettuce in the
greenhouse at night growing under
LED Grow Master LEDs.
11-20-08 Hydroponic lettuce daylight shot of plant growth at Alfred State College.
11-20-08 2nd Pic Lettuce Harvested in
Center for Organic and Sustainable
hydroponic nutrients primarily GH
Hydroponic garden after harvest
See growth of hydroponic lettuce after
3 days
Center for Organic and sustainable
hydroponic garden at sunset
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LED Grow Lights Growing Lettuce at Alfred State College
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