led grow lights
Growing lettuce in the winter
December greenhouse production
Winter lettuce crop
Winter herbs
December 10th, 2008-  "Planted lettuce seeds on the leftover coir mat after we talked Monday.  Red romaine seeds are germinated and
turning green already on ¼ mat at bottom of net pot.  Interesting!"  Dr. Matthew Harbur-Alfred State College
Lettuce Seeds
12-11-08 through 12-13-08 Red Romaine lettuce seeds germinated on coir mat under LED grow lights.
12-15-08 LGM indoor grow lights
over hydroponic lettuce.
12-17-08 LGM light bar over
hydroponic herbs.
LED Grow Lights and Lettuce Seeds
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The remainder of this project is currently offline for site renovations.  Check back for full video journal of the greenhouse growing under
LED Grow Master lighting.