Circulation and Exhaust Fans
8 inch circulation fan
Circulation Fans
Powerful, energy efficient, commercial-grade circulation fan is designed specifically for use in a greenhouse. Strong,
five-wing aluminum blades generate constant air movement for healthier plants. Low noise level.
Heavy-duty, totally enclosed, and maintenance free.  Adjustable mount provides for easy versatile installation.
Variable speed capability. 8 lbs
Item#- RHV-40
8" Circulation Fan- $183 Buy Now

Item#- RHV-41
12" Circulation Fan- $282 Buy Now
Solar Exhaust Fan
Solar Exhaust Fan With Louver Kit
Power your fan with the sun! Create healthy air circulation in your greenhouse with no energy costs! The Ventamatic high-tech silicone-crystal solar
panel harvests energy from the sun throughout the day to power the heavy-duty galvanized steel exhaust fan for as long as daylight reaches the solar
panel. *High-efficiency 13" blades move the air. *Up to 1000 CFM *Sufficient for a 1550 sq ft greenhouse. *Easy connect clips and 25 foot power cord
join the solar panel to the fan. *Louver (not shown) closes when not in use. *Easy installation - No electrical wiring. *5-year limited motor warranty.
*Includes everything you need to install to a Solexx Greenhouse; fan, 1 solar panel,1 louver and a mounting kit. *Additional solar panels are easily
linked and will increase the RPMs of your fan.
Ventilator- 12.5 watt, 17 volt, thermally protected DC motor provides up to 1000 CFM, 13" high-efficiency fan blades mounts
behind existing louvers. Shroud constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel with 5-year limited warranty on DC motor.
Framed rough opening at least 18 1/4" squared.

Multi-Crystal Solar Panel- 12.5 watt output. High-impact tempered solar cell casings to resist hail, flying debris and
impacting winds. Silicone crystals in anodized aluminum frame. 25 ft power cord with easy connect clips. 10-year limited
Item#- RHV-42
$400 Buy Now
Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

Solexx Exhaust Fans with Thermostat promote healthy, vigorous plant growth by venting stagnant air and drawing fresh air
into your greenhouse. Automatic thermostat control keeps air flowing throughout the seasons.  12" Specifications- *1/30 HP
motor, 115 volts, 0.9 amps *Single stage thermostat *Includes 4' section of power cord (yellow, three wire), 8' section of power
cord with plug (black, three wire) and wiring info.
12" and 16" *Require 110 volt outlet
Item#- RHV-50 -
12" Exhaust Fan (760 CFM) with Thermostat and Attached Louver $309 Buy Now
Item#- RHV-51 - 16" Exhaust Fan (1250 CFM) with Thermostat and Attached Louver $365  Buy Now
Exhaust Fan With Attached Louver
Item#- RHV-55 - 17" Exhaust Fan (1570 CFM) With Attached Louver - $382 Buy Now
Item#- RHV-56 - 21" Exhaust Fan (2600 CFM) With Attached Louver - $469 Buy Now
Item#- RHV-57 - 25" Exhaust Fan (3200 CFM) With Attached Louver - $492 Buy Now
You will appreciate the rugged design of this high-powered fan.
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel frame reduces rust and corrosion.
  • Contains a thermally-protected motor.
  • Thermostat and wiring are included, 115v.
Motorized Intake Shutter

This motorized air intake fan is wired to the exhaust fan of your greenhouse, thereby automatically opening the
shutters when the fan turns on.  This eliminates manual opening of air intake vents. The shutters close securely to
seal against the outside air.  Nylon bearings never need lubrication and do not corrode. Constructed of outside
grade PVC.
Item#- RHV-60 -
12" Motorized Intake - Air Shutter - 8 Pounds- $240 Buy Now
Item#- RHV-61 - 16" Motorized Intake - Air Shutter - 12 Pounds- $274 Buy Now
Item#- RHV-62 - 20" Motorized Intake - Air Shutter - 16 Pounds- $346 Buy Now
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