LED Grow Master has been in LED lighting since the first commercial LED grow light hit the market
over 12 years ago.   We offer experience and efficiency.  
  • Spectrums to closely match the absorption peaks for photosynthesis.  LED Grow Master provides lighting
    which includes the wavelengths shown by Science to promote healthy growth and photosynthesis.  We are able
    to provide customized spectrums for specialized applications.   
  • LED Grow Master lighting is rated for 40,000 hours of life.  This is 4 to 20 times longer than traditional
    plant lighting lifetime expectations.
  • Save energy.  One of the most significant advantages of LED plant lighting is the low electrical draw.  The
    energy efficiency of LGM LEDs is unparalleled in the world of grow lights.
  • LGM LEDs create very little waste heat. LGM LED grow lights run significantly cooler than traditional plant
    lighting which can operate at temperatures as high as 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  LEDs are only warm to the
    touch even after hours of operation. This low heat is responsible for the long lifetime of our LED grow lights.  In
    indoor growing operations this means decreased cooling costs and burn/fire risks.
  • Our LEDs are easily mounted anywhere and scalable.  LED Grow Master has LED plant lighting options
    which weigh less than a pound, to larger LEDs that weigh up to 14 pounds.   Hang close or far.   Move the
    lights are keep them stationary.   We have an LED option for any and all growing applications.
  • Proven Technology-  Notable clients include the BioSphere Foundation, NASA, Dupont, and the USDA.  Our
    focus for the last decade has been major Universities and research facilities throughout the world.  Because we
    do not manufacture our own LED lighting; our loyalty is to you, our clients, and not a lighting brand.  We use our
    experience to provide clients with the best option possible for a given application.
LED plant lighting in grow box
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