Saturday my town literally had a natural disaster with a northeaster and most of the town
lost power. School was closed for three days and the high school had no power. Most of
the corals did actually survive (which is very surprising), but a few are a bit "shocked" from
not having well heated water and other necessities for a few days. I still have some good
results though, as the hard coral pieces that I put in each tank actually almost bleached to
death under the T5 lights while they are still alive in both LED tanks, diffused and regular.  
"Also, one more interesting observation when comparing the colors of the corals under
white light so I could see them was that the pink coralline algae that grew slower in the
LEDs is a much more vibrant and dark color pink/red than the control. It is a pretty
significant difference and I experienced the same thing last summer with my 70 gallon reef
tank (where most of the coralline algae is more of a pinkish whitish color after switching to
T5s. I researched the algae a bit, but am not sure what would cause such a different color
to appear in this species. It is very interesting that it seemed to grow slower than the
control, but have a longer lifespan and a higher quality of color (as well as the fact the
LEDs are not producing nuisance algae such as hair algae and diatoms, which the control
tanks needs to be cleaned of every few days compared to the LEDs that need to cleaned
every few weeks).Matt G.
LED Aquarium Lighting little hair algae
LED Aquarium Lighting Presented in the Science Fair
LED Reef Tank Conclusion
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"I have a good amount of data from conducting this experiment and most of the previous attributes we discussed in the past have held true. Some
species have grown much faster or at least matched the controls growth with a more elongated appearance. The hard coral in the LED tank is also the
only one that didn't bleach, which show signs of superiority even though I was unable to find the money and time to test more subjects to make this
hypothesis 100% justifiable." Matt G.

"After many months of testing in my school with the Aqua-bar and a full week spending hours to prepare a tri-fold presentation poster board, I finally
presented today" ... "in their annual science fair for high school students" ..."Out of over 75 projects, I presented to over 10 different judges and
managed to win second place!" ... "My mentor and school science department are very excited that I did so well on my first science fair and I hope to
submit my project in another fair in the near future."  Matt G.