Matt G. -January 29, 2009
Here is the acro, full tank shot 1 month in (sorry for the glare) left side with green star, leather, red mushroom, and button
polyps, Acro with flash to show it is still in full green, purple, white color
Acro under LED grow light
full tank LED Grow Light
button polyps coral
Matt G.- January 29, 2009
Here is the left side of the tank with flash, anemone and black and white clown, left side of tank, and a full tank shot
from the left.
green star
Black and white clown
LED light for Aquarium
Green star, Red mushroom, and Anemone
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Coral and Anemone Growing Under LED Grow Light
The light emitted from an LED plant light puts off this hue because of plant specific red wavelengths.
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Green Star Polyps on Left