Coral Tank With LED Grow Light
Matt G.- September 4, 2009
The Effects of the AquaBar on the Behavior and Growth of Captive Aquatic Organisms  (Excerpts)
For the last eight months, I have performed a few experiments on my 70 gallon reef tank on the ability of these lights to sustain various types of
photosynthetic aquatic life.  When I set-up my tank in mid-November of last year, I started with soft corals from my smaller 20-gallon system which holds the
mother colony of the same corals under high wattage T-5 lights.

One basic soft coral that still lives in both tanks, the green star polyp has thrived in both tanks, but the one under the LEDs has grown in a different way.
Instead of becoming greener as in my smaller tank, they have actually turned a slightly reddish orange color at the base of their green tentacles instead of
the regular bright green. They have also seemed to grow taller instead of covering more space compared to the same coral under the T-5 lights in my
20-gallon tank. If the lights were not strong enough for this coral, the normal behavior would be for the green star polyp to become more of a gray color,
which makes the reddish orange seem interesting to think this could be a reaction to the LEDs.

Another observation is how the LEDs seemed to affect my Green Long Tentacle Anemone (GLTA). When I bought it 6 months ago, I placed the anemone
at the top of the tank directly under the lights. It stayed there a few days, but since anemones have the ability to move, it soon started migrating around the
tank to the back right-hand corner where there is almost no light from the LEDs at all. This type of anemone needs a good amount of light energy to
survive, but also does feed on fish every 3-5 days as a supplemental food source. This behavior of moving away from the light may show that the anemone
may have been receiving too much light, however, when switching to a 216 watt T-5 fixture for a brief period of time, it has yet to move, making it seem its
behavior is independent of the LEDs.
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Soft corals transitioned from T-5 lights.
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