Creative Mounting LED Grow Lighting
LGM LED grow lighting is small, lightweight, scalable, and emits virtually no heat. This opens the door for many
creative mounting ideas.  
Multiple LED Plant Place Stands
Linked Multiple LED Plant Place Stands
Greenhouse LED Mounting
moveable light
Movable LEDStik
single cluster plant light
"Ceiling Spot" incorporating a single cluster.
greenhouse mounting
PVC mount is easy to assemble and parts
are generally available locally.  This install at
the Alfred State Center for Sustainable and
Organic Agriculture  has vertically adjustable
LEDs and vertically adjustable hydro
Oak LED Light Stand
Oak Stand for LED Light On Table
Top Gardens
Horizontally adjustable.
Eliminate White Light Pollution
No White Light Pollution
Mount two LED light bars
Another easy option for attaching to wire
shelving.  Move two or more bars at once.
Simple LED Mounting To Wire Shelves
Attaching LED grow lights to single tracks
designed for shelving and commonly
available at  the local hardware store.
LED plant lights just sitting on what looks like gutters.
Original Alfred State Set-up Before
Installation of Hydro System
Wall to wall LED grow lights
Multi-bar array of the earlier 3 cluster models.  Because of greater output- the
current LGM LED plant lights are spaced further apart.
Vertically Adjustable Hydroponic Channels
Grow chamber LED lighting
Adjustable "winged" frame.  Customizable to
fit any size shelving and available from LGM.
Lighting for lab shelving
Bars installed at the UNC labs with the
straight hardware to the right and zip ties.
Attaching LED lights to side of algae tank.
The light arm attached to side of tank.
LED greenhouse lighting
St. Hilda's & St. Hughes Vertically Adjustable
LED Grow Lights in the Roof Top Greenhouse
Rooftop Greenhouse
Wire Shelf Garden
Attaching easily to any wire shelf mounted
to single track with zip ties.  Each LED light
bar weighs less than a pound.
Water and Temperature Gradient Table
LEDs mounted in thermogradient table where the LEDs are not directly
shining on the gussets, but bounced around by reflective walls.
Commercial LED Grow Lights
Stainless Steel LEDStik available
pre-assembled for commercial applications.
Vertically adjustable greenhouse lighting
Griplock mounting
hardware works well for
vertical adjustments as
high/low as you would like.
Adjustable Plant Light PVC Mount
LED Grow Master Global, LLC