Custom Applications for LGM LED Grow Lights
Angle adjustable "ceilingspots" created in
the Netherlands using original LGM
LEDs green wall
LED ceilingspot
The eco-restaurant
directly after installation
of LED grow lights.
Custom LED Light
Created for the Salk Institute
researchers in La Jolla, CA.  The
Lab-a-Lamp was developed by
SolarOasis to address specific
project needs.
Our manufacturing partners allow LGM to provide many custom products over the past 10 years.  Here are a few we can share.
Individual Wired LED Light Cluster
Monochromatic, Dual-chromatic, and
Multi-chromatic lighting clusters in
virtually any combination for
wavelength specific applications.
A work in progress, please check back for more custom applications for LGM LED grow lighting.
LED Grow Master Global, LLC
Thermogradient Table With LGMIP65 LED grow lights
LGMIP65 14.4 Watt LEDs used in thermogradient table at Oregon State.
The LGMIP65 is available in virtually any combination of wavelengths.