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Monster Ebb and Flow System
Monster Ebb and Gro System
The Monster ebb and flow 6 pot system comes complete with 6 five gallon bucket sets and all of the 3/4" tubing
and fittings, a 55 gallon reservoir, and the Ebb Monster Controller Module to control the fill and drain cycles.
Efficiently and effectively transfer nutrients to your plants on whatever schedule you set. The entire system is
expandable up to 12 sites.  You can also choose to build your own Ebb and Flow system with the EBB Monster
Controller Module available separately.
Item# REBB-M6
Monster Ebb and Grow System
Price $729.95
Sale Price Buy Now- $598.40
Savings $131.55
Monster Ebb Controller Module Only
Price $359.95
Sale Price Buy Now- $294.55
Savings $65.40
Monster Expansion Kit
Three Pots, Tubing, and Fittings
Price $99.95
Sale Price Buy Now- $85.71
Savings $14.24
The Ebb and Gro is a simple to use, versatile, and easily expandable flood and drain system.  The unit comes
with 12 two gallon grow pots.  Each of the 12 pots include the inner pot that's full of holes to allow water to enter
the growing medium/root zone.  Also included is a controller system that allows you to set your own feeding
schedule with the built in timer, 2 pumps, a 55 gallon reservoir, all of the necessary tubing/fittings, and a 3 year
Ebb and Gro System
Item# RRMEBB-12
Ebb and Gro System
Price $589.95
Sale Price Buy Now- $482.80
Savings $107.15
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