Solexx™ Greenhouse Covering Accessories Make
Installation a Snap!
Flexible, snug fitting PVC H-Channel slides between Solexx seams for a flush finish and tight seal. Greenhouse panels can be
joined together using H-Channel or overlapped on 4' or 6' centers. H-channel is most effective when used where the sides of
the panel have no structure behind them to screw to. If using H-Channel attach one panel to your frame while leaving about
1/8" gap in between that panel and the next one you are attaching. This leaves enough space for you to slide the H-channel
into place. If you need a little more room for the H-channel, you can always trim the panel a little. Keep the screws approx. 1"
from each side of the H-Channel. Do not screw into the H-channel. **Do not use H-channels on a roof, unless it is one
continuous H-channel running from side-to-side.  If H-channel is difficult to slide on, try spraying the grooves of the H-channel
and the edges of the panels with a little WD-40, Pam, or a dry bar of soap/liquid soap and tap on the end of the H- channel
with a rubber mallet.
Item- RGS-600 / 4' H-Channel / Price Per Piece- $4.25
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U-Trim PVC edging caps off open flutes of the panels. We recommend you first run about ¼ inch of silicone
caulking into the open edges of the panels to seal out bugs, dirt and moisture. The trapped air from the caulking
helps achieve the highest possible insulation.
4'1" U-Trim
Price Per Piece $3.00
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H-Channel Clips
are used to join 4' H channel pieces together for horizontal installations
(Example: use an H-Clip to connect two 4' H-Channels into an 8' H-Channel).
Item- RGS-600-C
Price Per Piece- $0.40
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Solexx Sealing Screws
White galvanized screws with ¼" hex heads secure the greenhouse covering to the
frame of the greenhouse. No pilot hole required! Soft neoprene washers seal out
moisture. Use 1" screws for wood or PVC frames and ¾" self-drilling screws for metal
frames. Screws are sold in packages of 100.
Item- RGS-520  /   ¾" Self-Drilling Screws  /  Price Per 100- $8.00
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Silicone Caulk
We recommend caulking the open
flutes of the panels with Clear
Silicone Caulking to keep bugs and
moisture out and maximize the
Item RGS-530
Silicone Caulk 0.6 lbs
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H-Channel Clip
H-Channel Clip Attached
Clip Shown Connecting Two H-Channels
H- Channel Clip
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