Solexx™ Greenhouse Covering Roll Installation Tips
1.  If the plastic on the roll is too curved for easy handling, you may try to straighten it.  Cut off the size of material that you need to apply and lay it out flat
in a warm environment.  

2.  If the roll has been in storage for a period of time, it may develop a slight "yellow" tint from the UV inhibitor.  Exposure to direct sunlight should quickly
clear this up.

3.  Apply plastic when the temperature is moderate (for your climate) to compensate for expansion and contraction.

4.  We recommend that the framing or trusses that will support your corrugated plastic be placed 16" to 24" apart.

5.  We've found that placing your Solexx so that the flutes run perpendicular to the frame provides the maximum amount of strength for your structure.  
When attaching the screws to plastic framing or wood, we recommend using our 1" screws with neoprene washer which prevents water from leaking into
the flutes.  Our 3/4" drill screws are for installing the plastic into metal framing.  We suggest placing the screws about 18" apart on the stringers, and
about 9" apart on the perimeter.  Be careful not to over-torque the screws, or you may crush the plastic.  The washer should just make a dimple in the

6.  Cutting:  Unlike most types of rigid plastic, Solexx cuts easily with a utility knife or sharp kitchen knife.

7. U-Trim: On all exposed fluting, we recommend you insert 1/4" of GE Silicone II Clear caulking (#5000) into flutes, to prevent water intrusion.  Then, slide
U-trim over the end of the plastic for a permanent cap.  Secure U-Trim with small Zip Ties by poking a small hole in plastic with a large paper clip or small
nail.  Place each Zip Tie about one foot apart.  Put caulking in all the holes you created to stop water penetration.

8.  Solexx rolls may not be exactly square.  Do not use plastic to square your structure.

9. It's not necessary to cut Solexx when installing over roof peaks or around corners.  You can score the plastic using a straight edge and a blunt object
such as a phillips screw driver, and then fold the plastic along the scored line.  The plastic can be scored either in the direction of the flutes or across the

10.  Wipe down Solexx with soap and water once a year for maximum efficiency of light transmission.
Because Solexx paneling is translucent and diffuses light, it makes an ideal covering for greenhouses, end walls, light
panels in barns, and more.  Following are a few tips on how to handle this revolutionary plastic.
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