Plantmax SUPER High Presure Sodium grow lights with adjusted blue spectrum brings you the
best yields in flowering and fruiting.  
High Pressure Sodium, Dual Arc, and Fluorescent Bulbs
grow lights
Plantmax 1000W HPS High Output 140,000 Lumens $50.25 Buy Now
Plantmax 750W HPS High Output 106,000 Lumens $54.15 Buy Now
Plantmax 600W HPS High Output 90,000 Lumens $54.15 Buy Now
Plantmax 430W. HPS High Output 58,000 Lumens $26.36 Buy Now
Plantmax 400W HPS High Output 50,000 Lumens $20.40 Buy Now
Plantmax 250W. HPS High Output 29,000 Lumens $20.40 Buy Now
Plantmax 150W. HPS High Output 16,000 lumens $17.58 Buy Now
SolarMax HPS Bulbs
SolarMax High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
As plants approach maturity they require less "Blue Light" and depend more upon radiation from the "Red" portion of the
spectrum between 610 nm - 720 nm. The SolarMax HPS lamps have been engineered to constantly deliver 10% more targeted
"Red Light" energy to the maturing plant to promote aggressive flowering. Color temp 2100° Kelvin
SolarMax 400W HPS Bulb w/ 55,000 Lumens - $53.74 - Buy Now
SolarMax 600W. HPS Bulb w/ 95,000 Lumens - $70.79 - Buy Now
SolarMax 1000W. HPS Bulb w/ 147,000 Lumens- $97.79 - Buy Now
430 Sodium Son-Agro 54000 Lumens - $71.35 - Buy Now
1000 W HPS Alto Agrolite XT 140000 Lumens - $66.37 - Buy Now
Plantmax Dual Arc Lamp
Dual Arc Plant Lamp
Plantmax Dual Arc technology brings the full spectrum to your plants
for maximum yields in vegetative stages and flowering stages. Dual
Arc Tube with MH 400 Watt & HPS 600 Watt in one lamp.

Item#- RPX-LU1000MH.DA
Plantmax Dual Arc Tube Lamp
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Plantmax Fluorescent Tubes
Item#- RPX-FL24/830  T5 CFL 2' Plantmax Warm 24W 3000K Tube 2,280 Lumens-  $8.95 - Buy Now
Item#- RPX-FL24/865  T5 CFL 2' Plantmax Day 24W 6500K Tube 2,520 Lumens-  $8.95 - Buy Now
Item#- RPX-FL54/830  T5 CFL 4' Plantmax Warm 54W 3000K Tube 4800 Lumens $10.95- Buy Now
Item#- RPX-FL54/865  T5 CFL 4' Plantmax Day 54W 6500K Tube 5000 Lumens $10.95- Buy Now
Item#- RPX-FL24/830-Case  T5 CFL 2' Plantmax Warm 24W 3000K tube 2,280 lumens (Case of 50) $497.50  Buy Now
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Metal Halide Bulbs
ALL PHASE High Output Metal Halide Horticultural Lamp
SolarMax™ Gold are similar to a 3000° Kelvin light source, these lamps are excellent for fruiting / flowering applications and because
they are metal halides lamps they have enough full spectrum energy for all a plants needs from 380 to 760 nanometers.
SolarMax 400W. MH Gold 36,000 Lumens - $105.95- Buy Now
SolarMax 1000W. MH Gold 100,000 Lumens - $133.95- Buy Now