American Hydroponics Econo Systems, Drip Add-On Kit, and
Bigfoot Ebb and Flow System
Drip Hydroponics
Econo System Drip Add-On
Use this easy to install kit to turn your ebb &
flow system into a drip system.  The 3'x3' add
on kit will feed up to 16 plants. (Econo
System Not Included.)  Weight- 5#
Item# R91065
Econo System 3x3 Drip Add-On Kit
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Hydroponic Gardening Tips
  • If you see a little algae growth on top  to the gro-rocks around seedlings, don't worry.  It won't hurt them.  Try to add just enough gro-rocks so the
    top layer stays dry and free of algae.
  • If your reservoir gets too low, the pump will make a slurping sound.  Freshen the reservoir immediately.
  • When planting lettuce, try planting every two weeks for a continuous supply.
  • Plants produce waste gases that dissolve in water.  To release waste gas from the reservoir, run venturies or air pumps in the reservoirs to keep
    oxygen bubbling through the solution.  You should also use diluted hydrogen peroxide on occasion to keep the reservoir and the roots free from
    pythium, a disease which can cause root rot.   
  • When the weather is very hot, install a float valve in your reservoir to allow fresh water to replace the water that has been transpired by the
    plants.  This prevents excessive salt concentrations.
  • Make sure the nutrient and water falling from the drain tube is fresh.  There should be some algae growing in the gullies.  Algae are a sign of
    healthy oxygenated nutrient.  In between crops, remove algae by cleaning the gullies with a solution made of one tablespoon bleach per gallon of
  • Refresh the reservoir every two weeks until you become comfortable with the nutrient and water usage of your system.  Use an electronic
    conductivity meter for accurate readings of your nutrient solution strength.
  • Use PH test kit (included) or electronic pH meter to keep the pH level at about 6.3, which is optimal for growth and health.
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  Econo Systems are easy to use, strong, quality built Ebb & Flow hydroponic gardens.  Completely modular so expansion potential is limitless.  Econo
Systems come with the basics, you add your favorite media, pots, and nutrients to make your system thrive. Bedding trays and reservoirs are UV stabilized,
vacuum formed ABS plastic (no seams, no cracking).   The bottom of the tray is specifically designed to prevent standing water and the 30 gallon reservoir
is designed to provide easy access.  The table frame is constructed of galvanized steel with strong injection molded plastic corners.  The submersible pump
has an energy efficient design with quiet magnetic rotor operation.  Fill/drain and overflow fitting kit include vinyl fill and drain tubing.  One year warranty on
trays and 180 day warranty on the pump.
Weight- 33 lbs.  Available in black or white. (35 1/2"L x 35 1/2" W x 19 3/8" H) Includes black or white tray, black
reservoir, table frame, pump, plumbing, and fittings. Oversized- additional shipping may be applied.
One Tray Econo System
Ebb-Flow hydroponic gardening supplies
Item# R91003 / 33lbs
One Tray Econo
System w/ Reservoir- Black
Buy Now- $299.96
Item# R91068
One Tray Econo
System w/Black Reservoir- White Tray
Buy Now- $314.96
Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System
Two Tray Econo System
The Two Tray Econo System is made out of the same heavy duty material as the One Tray
system.  It has been expanded to give growers 18 square feet of growing space.  This system can
be built in minutes and last a lifetime. Includes standing supports, two black or white trays, one
reservoir, two-tray table frame, pump, plumbing and fittings. 69 1/2" L x 35 1/2"W x 19 3/8" H.
Item# R91005
Two Tray Econo
System w/ Reservoir- Black
Buy Now- $449.96
Item# R91070
Two Tray Econo
System w/ Reservoir- White
Buy Now- $464.96
Item# R91013
One Tray Econo
System Frame Only
Buy Now- $111.71
Item# R91014
Two Tray Econo
System Frame Only
Buy Now- $179.21
The Bigfoot Ebb & Flow system has all the benefits of our tried and true Econo
Systems, with a more convenient size. Constructed of UV-stabilized, impact resistant ABS
plastic, the Bigfoot is built to last for years. Bigfoot is an extremely efficient growing system
and was specifically designed to leave no standing water in your system. This will allow for a
healthier root zone, which means healthier plants!  Available with a black or white growing
tray, and the strong galvanized steel table frame is optional.
Item# R91048 As Shown MSRP $449.95
Holiday Sale Price Buy Now $337.46 (Black Tray Including Reservoir)
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