January / February 2015
Volume 10,  Issue 1
LED Gardener  

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The More You Know Part 5- Energy

Sneak Preview For LED Gardeners

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Indoor Plants Growing Under LED
Grow Lights
Making Room For Do-Gooders
A Michigan man named Brian Antisdel decided to deliver 1,000 pies to the elderly in Dowagiac to show that they are
appreciated members of the community, and to bring in the New Year with smiles. (Original story by Alyssa Marino of
ABC57 News.)
The More You Know Part 5- Energy
   The ultimate dream of controlled environment agriculture is to provide
stability to local food supplies.  Here in the United States, the average meal
travels around 1,500 miles to reach our dinner table.  Crops are susceptible to
droughts, flooding, insects, hail, pests, and other hazards which can be almost
eliminated in controlled environments.   The ability to produce locally year
round, not only makes a community more food secure;  it also means fresher
produce, less waste, and the food produced would directly benefit each
community with both nutrition and jobs.
    Unfortunately, we are far from reaching this goal. Currently, only about 5
percent of farms provide produce directly to the consumer (only about 0.3% of
total farm sales).  The good news is this tiny number is growing at about twice
the rate of overall agricultural sales. It may be no coincidence that interest in
urban agriculture has sprouted at about the same rate as acceptance of LED plant lighting as a viable option for year
round production.  LED lighting has overcome what was always the stated barrier in the past, the energy requirements
of supplemental lighting.
    LEDs run on a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting, emit virtually no heat, and require fewer replacements.  
One of the largest LED-only indoor  farms in the world was completed by Mirai Inc. in Japan.  When compared to
fluorescent lighting, their system has decreased energy consumption by 40% while simultaneously increasing harvest
yields by 50%.  Mirai Inc.’s system is  putting out 10,000 heads of lettuce a day in 25,000 square feet with plans for
another “plant factory” on the horizon. These kind of numbers are what the dreamers of the local food dream have been
dreaming about.  Wake up dreamers! It’s time…--AL
Growing Indoors Under LED Grow Lights
Indoor Fig Plant
Sneak Preview For LED Gardeners
    LED Grow Master will be including the K5-XL750 as an additional option
to our current lighting line in late February. What makes the new model
different than our current line is each of the three primary ranges of the
photosynthetic spectrum can be dimmed and intensified individually for
complete adjustable control of the spectra all from the convenience of a
hand held remote control.  The K5-XL750 also includes a built-in timing
function which allows users to mimic an ideal day in the great outdoors by
slowly waking plants at sunrise, providing peak intensity for the perfect length of time throughout the day, and tucking
them in at sunset with slow dimming diodes.  Eight timing stages for each of the three primary ranges of the
photosynthetic spectrum offer complete customization to suit any grower’s desired duration and intensity.-AL
LGM KIND K5-XL750 LED Grow Lights
Indoor plants growing under LEDs.