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Solexx™ Greenhouses For Year Round Plant Growth
People Who Love Plants in the Greenhouse Love Solexx™!
The Secret is in the Panels.
From the practical rural farmer to the urban gardener, customers find
Solexx™ greenhouses and greenhouse coverings to be a sturdy,
durable, high-quality product that delivers years of gardening
pleasure requiring very little maintenance.  Garden year round with
LED grow lights.  From the frame to the covering, Solexx™ delivers
top-quality, long-term performance backed with an eight year
warranty.  Whether we're talking about the material itself or a
complete greenhouse kit, Solexx:
  • Protects plants from the elements with insulation.

  • Diffuses light better than any other material for full and
    beautiful plants.

  • Survives hail, wind, and stands up through heavy snow storms.

  • Resists scratching, tearing, breaking, and shattering.
Solexx™ Greenhouse Benefits
Solexx™ Greenhouses offer more
quality and features than any other
greenhouse on the market in a
moderate price range!
They out-perform the competition in strength and versatility!  Built-in hanging rods are strong enough to
hold several hundred pounds of hanging plants.  You won't have to drill into your greenhouse frame to install
hooks- just hang your basket!  No other greenhouse outperforms Solexx when it comes to handling snow and

Efficient use of space for tons of growing room!  Our standard bench frames allow room for 32 standard
11" x 21" planting trays with plenty left over for larger plant growth.  Each shelf will support over 500 pounds.  
Solexx Greenhouses are perfect for all kinds of greenhouse activity from starting seedlings and cuttings to over-
wintering large, heavy potted plants.

Optimal diffused light and insulation with twin-walled paneling!  No special treatment in the summer is
required of this plastic (it might benefit from a quick wash off once or twice a year).  With diffused light there are
no shadows in the greenhouse, so plants get bathed in the same soft glow no matter where they are in the
greenhouse- without burning!  Our shade cloths will help you keep your greenhouse cool all summer!  Plus, the
insulating factor makes winter heating more economical.

The super-strong composite frame protects your plants from the radical temperature swings that can
occur in greenhouses with steel or aluminum framing.  Our frame does not transfer heat or cold so your plants
won't even feel it when Mother Nature changes her mind.

If rocks, baseballs, or small branches fall on the greenhouse...  NOTHING HAPPENS!  There's no glass
to pick up and no maintenance!  Because the plastic is flexible, rocks and balls just bounce off.

Virtually indestructible!  According to our customer from Bellport, NY who says, "I purchased an 8' x 16'
Conservatory Greenhouse a year and a half ago.  I remember my neighbor telling me how my greenhouse was
going to blow away in the next storm.  Well, his metal shed blew away... Winds were up to 90 miles per hour.  
Your product has passed the fury of east coast storms."

Maximum Flexibility!  Purchase the standard kit early in the season and add base vents and ventilation
accessories as the season warms and budgets allow.  Expansion kits are easily added for most models.  As
your need grows your greenhouse grows too!

All Solexx™ Greenhouse kits are available in 3.5 and 5 mm panel thickness.
Strong Greenhouse
Choose from many options such as the
Early Bloomer or Garden Master
Product History
Owners, Mike and Bev Perry have
been in the agricultural industry for
over thirty years.  Bev is a biologist
and ex-Science teacher.  Mike, a
plant-scientist, managed a hops

As part of that business, he sold
corrugated plastic harvesting totes to
farmers.  One day, Mike left a box
upside down on the lawn.  When he
moved the box just a few days later,
he was amazed to find the grass tall
enough to fill the inside of the box.  

That was the beginning of his
mission to find the perfect UV
formulation for the material that would
give 8 years or more of durability.   
The result was a line of the finest
quality greenhouses available for the
price.  They have now been
manufacturing and selling
greenhouse kits for over eighteen
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