Here is what our clients are saying:
"At the moment I see no need for improvement.  The staff is very prompt and very helpful.  The product itself meets
all expectations which is more than can be said for other products out on the marketplace today." - Carlos Diaz
Houston, Texas  
"I thought you might like a picture of my orchid stand.  I typically use it for my orchids which are not bloom, but added
in some to give it color.  My blooming orchids usually decorate my windows.   I use the top shelf for orchids (like
cattleyas) which require high light and the second shelf for orchids which require a lower light (phaleonopsis).  I
have experienced good root and foliage growth as well as blooms.   I do not use any other supplemental lighting.   
After some amount of experimentation I found that the 18” from the foliage top was more than enough distance for
high light loving orchids (3500 fc).  I’m going to take the LGM3 to the Central Coast Orchid Society to show folks the
actual bar.  I have taken them data and the indoor orchid growers have been very interested.  It is so nice to be able
to have your orchids in a room that doesn’t require special cooling due to the heat produced from lights.  Now with
my LGM3 I can use that bottom shelf I have been using for storage! "
Depoe Bay , Oregon
Orchids growing under LED grow lights
in Depoe Bay, Oregon
"I am using an array of 12 LGM5 bars to grow cyanobacteria for research purposes. While directly comparing growth
under these lights to growth under more conventional white light sources has proven somewhat challenging, these
lights are definitely effective at providing increased excitation energy to these organisms. They are growing extremely
well and up to very high density, which has enabled a step forward in my research."
David Dickson, Oregon State University
"LED lights work very well for this application because they give off little heat and
use very little power compared to conventional lights."
Gregory E. Welbaum, Ph.D., Professor and Assistant Department Head,
Department of Horticulture, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech Thermogradient Table
"We have seen the biggest advantage with our LEDs so far with our seedlings.  The ones under the LEDs
are growing faster and more vigorously than the ones without supplemental lighting."  Chris Bond,
Horticulturist, Case Western Reserve University Farm
"We are building a third growth chamber since the first two are working so well for us." -Dr. Bayer Professor and Chair,
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Memphis
"Hi!  Yes, I've had the grow light up and running for about a year now. And I must say that I am very pleased with the
results! Chillies, tomatoes, herbs, etc. are now growing all year round on my kitchen window sill, even though we don't get
much natural light from late autumn to early spring (I live in Norway). See attached photo of my custom installation.  
Actually, I just persuaded a friend from Norway to order an LED Grow Master grow light for himself.  Thanks for checking in."
Rogaland, Norway
"My tomato seedlings became compact healthy plants under my lights.  This is in a greenhouse in a normally cloudy
climate, located in a small clearing among large conifers.  As the trees continue to reduce light levels, I plan to add
additional lights."- Roger von Gohren-Olympia, WA
LED Grow Lights in Norway
"...our head agronomist is ecstatic ever since we installed these lights.  He has told me that when he grows plants in our growth chamber it is like he's
growing them in the field.  With our old halogen lights, the crops would come up extremely fast due to the excess heat in our growth chamber and they
would etiolate to the point where they were unusable in some instances.  Now, it's like we are growing with the sun.  He is super happy we switched over."
-Melanie Klassen, Winnipeg
“The lights were a great asset and I have recommended you to several other researchers and people
who have asked about them.” Tim Visi Umami Sea Vegetables (Tim’s kelp and red macro-algae shown
Red Garnet Amaranths
"Angela, it worked! The red garnet amaranths grew up beautifully and are being sold! The chefs love them.
Thank you so much for your help." Cecily Routman, Juice Heaven LLC
Cecily's Red Garnet Amaranths
"I've experienced a set back in life and decided to do something to occupy my time and mind I set up an
aquaponic system and have supplemented the lighting with 'Grow Master' LED lighting. I'm extremely happy
with the results and I am pleased to be able to eat fresh greens from my indoor garden through this current
winter season. Thanks for a great product." Bart, New Jersey
LEDs growing Algae
Tissue Culture With LED Grow Lights
LED grow light book shelf window garden
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