Gradient Tables
Gradient tables available utilizing the LGMIP65 LED grow light or custom
made LEDs with the desired combination of wavelengths: For more
information and price quotes contact Dr. Greg Welbaum, Professor and
Assistant Department head for the Department of Horticulture at Virginia
Tech; Thermogradient Systems- TASCO, Christiansburg, VA 540-231-5801
or via email:
Thermogradient controls
Thermogradient Table
Light for Thermogradient Table
The polymer case does not warp or distort
like wood and is water resistant
germination testing
Thermogradient tables are often used by the seed
industry for germination testing in paper towels
and plastics boxes but there are many other
potential uses as well.
Uses For Thermogradient Table:
  • Observing biological growth over a broad range of temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Screening plants and other organisms for low and high temperature tolerance.
  • Characterizing insect migration patterns at different temperatures.
  • Insect nesting temperatures.
  • Screening cell cultures.
  • Testing adhesives.
  • Evaluating seed germination and seedling growth at many different temperatures
  • Can be used as a growth chamber if both ends are programmed to the same temperature.
  • Any application where testing over a range of temperatures.
Brookfield Engineering baths
cool below 0 degrees C and can
be programmed for alternating
A thermogradient table is well suited for Petri plate
experiments at different temperatures.
Thermogradient tables are portable and can be placed
on tables or temporary supporting structures and
moved by the handles attached to the unit.
Water and Temperature Gradient Table
Our latest gradient table design produces both temperature and water availability gradients.
A drip irrigation system is included with variable flow emitters, so the amount of water applied can be varied at each position on the
gradient table.  This table also has gussets so seed germination testing and seedling growth analysis can be conducted in soil at
different temperatures and at different moisture levels. The LED lights allow seedlings and plants to be grown on the table.
drip irrigation
Cantaloupe seedlings
Temperature Gradient Experiment
Cantaloupe seedlings growing at different temperatures in potting
mix. In the picture, the cotyledons look brown but this is actually the
pink light from the LEDs reflecting off of them. They are a very
healthy green color in person.  When the system is closed, all
lighting is provided by the LED grow lights around the edge of the
table. LGM LED lights emit very little heat and do not affect the
thermal gradient on the plate surface.
LED Grow Master Global, LLC
Thermogradient Table
Thermogradient Table With LGMIP65 LED grow lights